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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I can't believe I have three EP's out right now! Please Support my works...
My Newest EP....I dabbled and experimented with this EP
Footworkers....you gotta cop this album!
My 1st House EP...clean and to the point party music!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Producer's Choice!

Yo!!!! If you need nice drum samples, VST instrument patches, whatever you need, TPC has it for you! Feel free to hit them up at this link here! If you post this link to your blog site, you may get a free drum kit! HOW YA LOVE THAT? Here is the link!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


I'm back today to support my family in his music endeavors. This track by none other than Jae Breezzy & Lv Da SlapPhoen(fiend)!! It;s definitely a hot ass track, and I'm going to make a mixtape with some their heat real soon! Get the RIDIN' DOLO track at this link on iTunes ASAP!!

I'm telling everybody to spread this movement! It's time to take back the music and put it in the hands of the Common Man!! Support the Indie Artists!!! Help ya manz out!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Long Time Away

I have to apologize!!! It's been a long while since I blogged. I've been moving from Seoul back to the USA. I'm here in Sierra Vista, Arizona. I also have to say somewhere after making the new track Cyrustep, my Alienware laptop put itself out to pasture. Since I did drop it, my insurance company should cover the loss. As for now, I'm stuck.

My items are coming slowly but surely. My Dj rig is here! I have my old Gemini Amp here but I cannot find any speakers. Oh well...time to be off, Peace and Blessings to those who follow me!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Tracks

Happy Father's Day All!

Today I spent most of my day working on my four newest house tracks...Mind of Abacus, Soul of Abacus Heart of Abacus, and Mind Of Abacus(Vicodin Funk Remix). If you have not listened to it yet, do so!! You will love them! They come with a flavorful feel of Chicago House Music as well as other styles of House you hear nowadays.

Moving on...

One of the things on my bucket list, is to ride a motorcycle! I want to most likely get a brand new or used BMW S1000RR. I've watched reviews on this bike and most of the professionals have told me this is an excellent bike for beginners. I've seen this bike smoke a Hayabusa! As for me, you wont see me racing a Hayabusa on this bike even if I wanted to.

As always, show your love to my music and I will do the same for you!! Peace!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wicked The Musical

Today  I went to see Wicked the musical. It was a very good show! Since  I am a music head I sat and listened to the intricacies of all the music played. That was an awesome music score!

Which reminds me.... am so close to military retirement that I can see Berklee College of music in my sights right now! Or Dubspot, Scratch DJ Academy. I am at the point in life where I want to pursue my dream in music production and take it past where my family left off. We have so much musical talent in our family we could our own thing like the Jacksons did long ago. In the meantime, I will continue to focus on what's important, and keep my eyes on the prize.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Time Blogging

What's up!

'm just a man who loves to make beats.  I truly love what I do. I work with the following items at this point in time:

Ableton Live Suite 8
Akai MPD 26
Akai APC 40

 I don't have a big grandiose studio either, just a dining room table where my wife gets pissed about me using it and taking up the table. Please check out my tracks on the soundcloud player at the top of the screen. You can hear my rise from a novice to a serious enthusiast of music production.  also have a drop box where you  can drop a song or few so  can show it off to people.  I plan to write more about music and where it is going. To all my fans and supporters. thank you all for visiting my page. Fall back, enjoy yourself, RICK JAMES!